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The key to business development is good service. Implementation of service delivery cultrue is a very important process for both beginners and existing businesses. It is similar to the circulatory system: without normal circulation, there is no healthy business, there is only a survivor who eventually comes to the logical end of his activity. As the normal circulation and supply of each organ play a serious and decisive role in the system of human organs, so is the service model. It plays exactly the same role in the “body” of the business. Thus, service is an art that adorns people’s lives with a magic brush, as it pursues certain goals:
  • to solve any problem facing society,
  • improve people’s quality of life and ease their daily lives
  • provide appropriate, civilized services, taking into account the needs of people from all walks of life in the country.
Modern social and psychological differences between people dictate different rules of the game in the service sector, which in turn create healthy competition, which in turn works in favor of consumers. Effective customer service directly affects profit. Three parties: government, society and business, b.enefit from the implementation of a well-chosen and organized service model. The structure has a huge impact on the overall development of the company and the financial management system. The implementation of culture of service in business forms a pyramidal segmentation, in accordance with which it is possible to correctly formulate a service strategy. It creates a system called “Business Home”, where the art of service creates an atmosphere of carе and warmth, where the customer feels at home. One of the pillars of the service system is an ordinary worker. This is the person who does most of the work in your business and is the face of your business. The person with whom clients are treated first. Satisfied customers tend to spend more. If they received good service, they are likely to use the services of the company again. The result of hospitality is a satisfied customer, and the result of a positive service is the loyalty of staff, customers and income stability. One of the key prerequisites for creating a unified service system is the implementation of work ethic standards. It is necessary to create a common vision of what a service is, as you imagine it in your company. And in accordance with this, to present these standards in detail to your team and make them applicable.

Service sector services include:

  • company service sector,
  • assessment of the quality of service,
  • development and implementation of a service strategy model,
  • introduction of the “hidden client” model,
  • study of the implementation of the model of the “competitive department”,
  • definition of the ways of providing the service, their classification,
  • development of a dominance strategy in this area (study of strengths and weaknesses),
  • the implementation of motivational mechanisms in the service sector,
  • advising innovative service solutions,
  • research and implementation of modern service requirements (neo service),
  • training of the service team in accordance with the requirements of the respective field and customers.
Sector of internal customers (employees).
  • research and assessment of employee behavior,
  • identification and resolution of conflicts,
  • implementation of conflict resolution mechanisms,
  • the definition and implementation of the pyramidal ethics of labor regulations.
External customers sector.
  • customer segmentation,
  • research and assessment of customer behavior,
  • disclosing customer requirements and evaluating service delivery,
  • analysis of customer satisfaction criteria and strategy implementation.
Competition field
  • pyramidal segmentation of competitors (domestic and foreign market),
  • examination of the service model of competitors (strengths and weaknesses).

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