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Financial Management and Investment Consulting

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Financial management is carried out in two directions:
  1. 1. Management of existing financial resources,
  2. 2. Attraction of necessary financial resources.
Financial management is one of the pillars of business, and financial analysis and planning are a guarantee of long-term business activity.

Valuation of financial capabilities and their effective allocation is important, especially at different stages of company development.

To achieve the desired results, companies often need to attract certain financial resources.

Without proper modeling and analysis, investing is risky and extremely inefficient, while a well-designed investment package will provide the company with rapid growth and stable income.
Financial management and investment consulting include:
  • diagnostics of financial systems,
  • the financial analysis,
  • financial modeling,
  • business valuation,
  • transaction organization,
  • providing guidance on relevant legislation,
  • study of investment packages,
  • support for the implementation of investment programs,
  • search for donor programs and raising capital,
  • consultations on capital structure,
  • supporting the development of an investment strategy.

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