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Effective solutions

Executive Management is a consulting company that aims to:

– provide support to organizations, state bodies in the implementation of effective management systems, new business models, as well as in the modernization of existing business models,

– increase the level of business competitiveness, identify various existing problems and offer effective solutions,

– Identify various business development opportunities.

Long-term experience of the experts of our team and the progress achieved in various fields, will help you to create new standards of effective management and always stay on top of modern development trends



For business and public sector

Project management

The experienced project manager predicts the planned and unplanned situations and their possibilities as ...

Strategic consulting

The organization, along with its development, needs to review its strategy ...

Service sector

The introduction of service culture is very important for both start-ups and existing businesses. It is considered the business blood ...

Change management

Customers and beneficiaries are becoming more and more demanding, paying attention to the service provided ...

Financial Management and Investment Consulting

Financial management is one of the pillars of business, and financial analysis and business planning ...

Marketing and Branding

In order to stand out in the market, to meet the needs of consumers, it is necessary and necessary to develop individual marketing tools ...


Our mission

Always stand by our customers, offering them a sequence of practical steps to get out of difficult and crisis situations.

We do not strive to be indispensable for your business, we support you on your way to the next stage of development.

In this success chain your business plan can take a special place.

We cooperate with

Executive Management cooperates with government agencies, international organizations, large companies, SMEs and NGOs.

What do we offer?

We do not seek to be indispensable to your business,
we support you on your way to the next stage of development.

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